Electronic Bill of Lading

Contact-less & efficient delivery of an electronic bill of lading with existing technology to avoid friction.

Transmit Your Bill of Lading Electronically with eBOL

KBX offers a digital bill of lading service called eBOL (electronic bill of lading), part of KBX’s eDOCK suite of services.

Now more than ever, digital services like eBOL are critical to keep operations like yours moving and everybody safe. This service eliminates physical contact in favor of electronic processing for your bill of lading – all you need is internet access, an email address and a device to send and receive emails. eBOL works by streamlining the signature and confirmation process as a one-source solution that conveniently – and securely – transmits shipment information to all parties involved (shippers, drivers and consignees) while meeting all legal and business requirements, with the added convenience of e-signing. There’s no paper to chase or track down, and no unnecessary document handling – just improved flow of communication and increased potential for productivity. Check out the eBOL Product Demo below and contact us to see how eBOL could be a good fit for your operation. 



Reduce Driver Dwell Time

Real-Time Visibility

Expedite Access to POD

eBOL is completely touchless, reducing face-to-face contact. Updates are immediately available for all parties and retrievable on demand. A subscription service is available via email, SMS, or API, and because eBOL is completely electronic you automatically save money on paper costs freeing up space in office files and warehouse storage.