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We wouldn’t be where we are today without our cutting-edge team. KBX believes that great companies that offer next-level services are only possible with the help of talented, valued team members. We pride ourselves on creating and developing crucial company roles including but not limited to freight forwarding operation, business development, analysis, technology, and beyond. We believe in teamwork, integrity, and encouraging our employees to maximize their own potential. As we continue to build, grow, and thrive, we are always seeking skilled, hard working people like you to join our team.

KBX Fields of Expertise


Are you always seeking the next best set of data to create new opportunities and solve problems? Our dynamic Analysis Team could benefit from your analytics skills. Hone your systematic investigative-data skills, drive action, and revolutionize change in our company as part of our team.


If adaptive and advanced technology is a vital part of what makes you tick, the KBX Technology Solutions team is for you. Work with our integral crew to build system solutions without the constraints of standard software, design fit-for-purpose tools, and craft an environment that breeds excellence via technology—all without jumping through the hoops of bureaucratic, lengthy, approval processes. We strongly believe in agile, product management principles that drive a sense of urgency in our processes.

Business Development

Our Business Development Team is always on the lookout for individuals with an eye for opportunity. With a focus on creativity, facilitating partnerships, crafting unique experiences, and driving our company forward, our Business Development sector is the perfect place for businesses and solutions-minded talent looking to propel growth, foster valuable relationships, and problem-solve as creatively as possible.


KBX’s Transportation Procurement Team is designed to strategically employ those who are skilled at winning negotiations, gaining competitive advantages, building valuable relationships, and laying foundations for long-term success. Sound like the perfect fit for you? Our team could use your skills to help consistently and strategically expand our supplier base, design contracts that ensure future success, and procure new, mutually beneficial relationships.


Does an ever-changing, ever-challenging role in a prosperous environment pique your interest? If you’re a problem-solver who thrives in a fast-paced environment, KBX would be thrilled to welcome you to the heart of our business. Join the Operations Team for an opportunity to expand the impact of our success, grow our company, and be a business-changing factor for our customers.

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