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Koch Industries is the largest exporter in the US providing best in class in transportation.

KBX is privately held and one of the top 10 logistics companies in the United States, providing the drayage service you need.

As the largest exporter in the US and providing expanded partner carrier coverage, our expertise in shipping thousands of loads per day gives KBX the ability to manage and grow your drayage business.

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Shipping Yard containers


Our capacity throughout the US Contracted Carrier Partners is exceptional. We contract with a large number of asset carriers and our drayage network is a fast growing part of the network.

international containers


KBX has a growing private chassis pool that supports continued growth of intermodal and OTR equipment types such as 20’, 40’, & 45’ international containers, domestic 53’ containers, and domestic trailers.

Cargo train platform with freight train container at depot


Our network covers the majority of all ports and rail ramps in the U.S. and Canada.


Private Chassis Pools
Carrier Management
Bid Events
Contract and Spot Capacity
Connectivity/Visibility and Planning
Fuel Management Program
Transload/Cross Dock Capabilities

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