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We promise cutting-edge global, multimodal transportation services brought to through our commitment to long-term partnerships and innovation. KBX strives to effortlessly meet your demands in a dynamic, ever-changing industry.

Optimizing & Revolutionizing Logistics Solutions & Freight Forwarding Services

At KBX, we’re committed to improving, innovating, and re-evaluating the way logistics services, freight forwarding, international shipping, and rail have all been crafted. With years of experience and a solidified determination to infinite improvement, our team at KBX has created unmatched solutions for cutting-edge logistical technology, improved rail fleet management, seamless freight forwarding, expert international commerce, and beyond.




Carriers we work with


Shippers globally


Domestic truckloads shipped annually


Established as transportation arm of Georgia Pacific Paper Products


Koch Industries acquires Georgia Pacific


Koch Rail & Koch International Logistics arms begin supporting Georgia Pacific


KBX Logistics branches off as separate Koch Holdings company to support all of Koch Industries with logistics needs


KBX rebrands into 4 entities: Logistics, Rail, International & Technology Solutions to help support the growing internal need of Koch Industries and the opportunity to offer services to external partners

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It’s our vision to create technology-led, innovative processes to ensure seamless logistical systems, 100% compliance, and simple but straightforward means for freight, shipping, and commerce transportation.


It’s our passion, privilege, and mission to increase efficiency, uncover opportunities, and help companies of all sizes unlock their true potential in an intricate world. No matter the size or scale of a company, we’re thoroughly dedicated to creating services that enhance quality, reduce costs, improve utilization of assets, offer sustainable solutions, and beyond.

what drives us


At KBX, we’re proud to say that we’re backed by an irreplaceable and invaluable team. Each member of our KBX community is a substantial part of our success, and they’re truly the reason we’re readily able to answer the call for assistance as frequently we do . Without our team’s commitment to excellence, diligence, and innovation, our freight forwarding capabilities and logistics offerings would be limited.


Long-Term Partnerships

Quick fixes aren’t our strategy—we believe in long-term solutions that foster longer-term partners. At KBX, we’re here to be your teammate—that means we’re committed to providing end-to-end solutions that last—no one-and-done solutions here.


Applied Knowledge

Subject matter expertise is applied to deliver transportation and logistics solutions. Further, our back-office functions are supplemented by extensive knowledge networks, all complemented by an expectation to seek best knowledge and capability, wherever it might be.

Core Values







Our Partners

Guardian Industries

Our Partners

Guardian Industries
What we do

What we do

KBX is a global steward for smarter, more efficient logistics, optimizing all facets of freight transportation. KBX provides its customers with world-class capabilities related to transportation procurement across the world, visibility and technology solutions that help drive transparency, and opportunities to eliminate waste within global supply chains. As the transportation arm of Koch Industries, KBX serves the growing demand for supply chain efficiency across broad logistics markets. Based in Wichita, Kansas, Koch Industries, Inc. is one of the largest private companies in America, with estimated annual revenues as high as $110 billion, according to Forbes.

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Do you thrive in fast-paced environments? Are you an innovative individual who enjoys creative problem-solving? Does the concept of advanced technology, adaptive solutions, and customized service pique your interest? At KBX, we’re always seeking committed, skilled, and innovative individuals to join our team. Uncover and explore the diverse and thrilling opportunities available on our KBX teams and become the next vital and valued member of our community.

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