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At KBX, we believe your business deserves more than just a quick fix—that’s why we offer end-to-end solutions for logistics, freight, ocean shipping, and beyond. Our commitment to lasting partnerships and innovative solutions manifests itself in the expert services we’ve crafted through over 100 years of experience.


We’re proud to have established networks domestically and globally, making us one of the largest and best logistics companies in operation. Through a seamless blend of several of our successful branches—logistics, rail, technology, and international freight management—we’ve created an expansive docket of services. With a harmonious merge of our rooted experience, dedication to innovation, and commitment to our KBX community, we’re proud to provide the freight, logistics, and international services your business deserves.



Founded in 2013, our rail services provide seamless railcar management and procurement offerings to our valued partners to seek better, more innovative ways to provide you with the services you need. From collaborating with railcar builders leasing companies, providing maintenance services, sourcing part providers, managing fleet logistics, and beyond, we’ve mindfully crafted a department specifically dedicated to providing a long-term value chain in your business and beyond.

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With more than $1 billion of freight spend on domestic transport, KBX is proud to leverage its services as the seventh-largest privately held logistics provider in the United States. Through expertly coordinated and designed programs designated for transportation management, freight audit and payment, dedicated fleet services, and beyond, our logistics offerings allow us to connect with carriers of all sizes and ensure that we can create customized solutions for each of our valued customers.

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Our near-century of experience in freight, logistics, and beyond keeps us grounded—but our commitment to innovative technology is what truly leads the way. It’s our passion and privilege to provide advanced, adaptive technologies for our clients to help revolutionize and revitalize the way freight, logistics, and international commerce happen. Through custom tools, dedicated research, and a commitment to innovation every step of the way, we’re proud to offer every one of our client's customized technology services to ensure that their needs are being anticipated—not just met.

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As the largest exporter of U.S. containerized freight, KBX is proud to offer worldwide logistics solutions. KBX, an active participant in foreign-to-foreign commerce, globally ships more than 320,000 TEU (as of 2020) of container freight per year, ensuring that your international needs are met, and your commerce goals fulfilled. Like each branch of KBX, our international division is focused on 100% compliance, meaning that our integrity-led business values ensure we are in-line with all laws and regulations—no matter the location—every time, without fail.

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