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Expertly Connecting North America

Our expansive network connections seamlessly link cities across North America. From shuttles running locally, to long-haul freight crossing the country, KBX has developed an immense domestic network that can get your commodities where they need to go without hesitation.

Crafting Global Pathways

KBX is proud to also offer vast networks spanning the globe. As the largest exporter of U.S. containerized freight and an active participant in foreign-to-foreign commerce, KBX is the reliable and experienced partner you need to navigate the choppy waters of international freight logistics.

With our dedication to flawless service, commitment to innovation, and experience, KBX has shipped more than 300,000 TEU of container freight per year.

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As one of the largest logistics companies, KBX is proud of the domestic and international network we’ve created—but we’re always eager to continue growing our network.

Join KBX today and become an integral part of our rapidly expanding network.

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