Our Commitment

Our dedication to innovation, integrity-based values, and building meaningful, long-term preferred partnerships guides our commitment toward meeting your demands in this dynamic industry.

KBX: A Top Logistics Company Committed to You

It’s our unfaltering commitment to provide every one of our partners with the customized, end-to-end services they need to succeed in a constantly evolving industry. With a focus on innovation, diligence, and excellence, we’re prepared to drive forward our mission to meet—and exceed—your demands. Without your business, your trust, and your partnerships, we wouldn’t be the company we are—that’s why our commitment will always be to you, your business, and your success.

Only the Best


KBX provides global transportation, logistics, and technology solutions and, as part of the Koch family of companies, our size and global presence create market advantages for our customers to help them win in the markets they compete in.


We’ve made it our mission to serve you seamlessly in a complicated, ever-changing industry. By rooting into our integrity-led philosophies, dedication to hard work, and commitment to balancing experience and innovation, we proudly build long-term solutions for mutually beneficial preferred partnerships

what drives us


We believe in putting our best foot forward—and that means equipping you with everything you need for you to do the same. Equipped with the experience and commitment to innovation, it is our promise to balance and leverage both to help you navigate and succeed in your dynamic industry.



Our success is based on trust and driven by a team of tenacious problem solvers motivated to create real, long-term value for our customers because we believe that, when our customers are successful, we will be successful.



Our technology platform is also a key driver of success. Access to information combined with advanced analytics, business intelligence tools and ease of integration enables efficient processes and produces actionable insights that support experimentation, rapid learning, and adaptation.

The KBX Advantage

Market Based Management

Preferred Partnerships

Long-Term Value Creation

Employee Driven Solutions

What we do

What We Do

KBX is the harmonious merger of crucial branches of logistics, freight, international shipping, rail, and beyond. By leveraging experience, a commitment to innovation, and our carefully curated and developed network of carriers and shippers, we’ve masterfully created a unique, one-stop-shop providing end-to-end solutions for our partners to more seamlessly and efficiently navigate the freight and logistics space.

Join Our Team

We’re always seeking committed, skilled, and innovative individuals to join our valued team. Without a diverse, richly unique crew of team members, we certainly wouldn’t be one of the top logistics companies. Explore the vast and exciting opportunities available on our KBX teams and become the next vital and valued member of our community.

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Connect With Us

To learn more about our commitment, our values as a company, or to become a member of our KBX team, reach out to us today. Our team is standing by and ready to answer your inquiries, explain our services, and help you on your freight and logistics journey.